Who we are and why we want to SHIFT TO

This newsroom offers different points of view. Is long-term investing the only option? Is it the next hype or common sense: a direction we will all end up travelling in sooner or later? SHIFTTO.org aims to create focus for those who really want to change their investment approach. These people can be found in businesses and trade unions, they may be regulators, but also investors, pension fund trustees, academics, politicians or fellow asset managers.

What is our goal?

Change. Transparency. It would be great if the newsroom were no longer needed in two years’ time. However, we think that a major shift in the financial sector might just take a little longer. A change in behaviour is especially needed within the major players: asset owners, asset managers and companies. But also at agents such as consultants, the media and regulators. Our best result would be to contribute to tangible action between these main players. First and foremost, Kempen is a participant and is learning every day. 

About the editorial board

SHIFT TO Long-term investing wants to inspire and lead by example. To achieve this, the newsroom has its own independent editorial board. This board consist of thought leaders, each respected and valued in their own field of expertise. People who can identify (potential) opinion leaders in their field of work, not shy about giving their own opinions. In the Netherlands, in Europe and across the Atlantic (all the content on this newsroom is in English).The editorial board decides the focus of the debate. They discuss which people or organisations we should really hear from. Who has interesting theories? Which topics are essential? The board is the driving force behind SHIFT TO Long-term investing.

Meet the editorial board