Larry Fink,  Chief Executive Officer BlackRock
Annual shareholder letters and other communications to shareholders are too often backwards-looking and don’t do enough to articulate management’s vision and plans for the future. This perspective on the future, however, is what investors and all stakeholders truly need, including, for example, how the company is navigating the competitive landscape, how it is innovating, how it is adapting to technological disruption or geopolitical events, where it is investing and how it is developing its talent. As part of this effort, companies should work to develop financial metrics, suitable for each company and industry, that support a framework for long-term growth.
Larry Fink, Chief Executive Officer BlackRock

ARTICLE: Can we talk (about the future)? Larry Fink's direct approach


Larry Fink wants companies to put the 'share' back in 'shareholder' - particularly sharing information about their future. Mr. Fink, the chief executive officer of BlackRock, is one of the best-known advocates of long-termism. In his stride towards the long term, he sent a letter to more than 500 companies, telling them they should keep their money - but must tell investors just how they're going to spend it.

This Bloomberg View article deconstructs his bold approach.



Larry Fink wants companies to talk about the future