Frans van de Veen

Negotiator for the Dutch union CNV Vakmensen ( literally "CNV Professionals") which is part of the National Federation of Christian Trade Unions (CNV) the second most important union in the Netherlands. Mr. van de Veen has worked within the CNV since 1990, currently as negotiator in the Food and Feed Industry. He helped establish the Transfercentrum West-Brabant in 2013, to enable employees and employers in the region to engage together in successful ‘ from work to work’ projects; and he is a member of the Board of the pension-fund foundation De Samenwerking (literally “The Cooperation”) which is focused on the meat packing industry.

Mr. van de Veen’s education includes a Bachelor of Public Administration degree (HEAO 1988, Enschede) and he is a graduate of the Executive Programme Certified Pension Executive (Erasmus School of Economics 2015).


Why I want to SHIFT TO Long-term investing

'All too often, listed companies want to see too quick a return on their investments. Short-term profit is more important than the return in the long term and more important than the social and economic security of the company, including responsibility for its personnel, clients, chain and surroundings. Investors can change this by investing in companies in the long term. A responsible choice and a great opportunity.'