Giving Corporates an Effective Framework for Aligning with the SDGs

Wicked problems can turn into wicked opportunities if taken seriously, with a proper balance in having and taking responsibilities by complementary sectors
Professor Rob van Tulder, RSM Department of Business-Society Management

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations have become an important focus for companies that wish to align their own goals and strategies with a clear-cut and widely-shared framework. But the ‘wicked problems’ at work in the world add conflict, complexity, and confusion to the work of achieving true, impactful organisational alignment with the SDGs.

In his new booklet Business & The Sustainable Development Goals: A Framework for Effective Corporate Involvement, Professor Rob van Tulder of Rotterdam School of Management lays out the challenges and interconnected complexities created by the introduction of the SDGs (which become in and of themselves ‘wicked problems’) and how interdisciplinary partnerships between companies, NGOs, policy-making organisations and academia can open the door to effective corporate involvement.


Download the booklet here

Rob van Tulder

Rob van Tulder is a professor of International Business at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). A co-founder of the Department of Business-Society Management, a world-leading department on issues surrounding sustainability in business, Van Tulder has published extensively on such topics as CSR, fair trade, welfare states, issues management, partnerships, and European Community/Union policies.