REPORTING - Integrated reporting for a long-term strategy

Mapping the International Integrated Reporting Framework to FCLT Global’s “10 elements of a long-term strategy”

Professor George Serafeim’s paper, Integrated Reporting and Investor Clientele, presented “evidence that suggests a causal relationship between the corporate practice of integrated reporting and an investor base with longer-term shareholders.”

Mapping the International Integrated Reporting Framework to the “10 elements of a long-term strategy,” leverages Serafeim’s findings and creates a framework for communicating a company’s long-term strategy to investors. The framework has three broad objectives.

1. Provide practical guidance for establishing a corporate-investor dialogue about an organization's long-term objectives and the actions needed to achieve strategic goals.

2. Challenge the perception that integrated reporting is a communications initiative by focusing on the role of the integrated reporting process in changing corporate culture, governance, and strategy.

3. Position integrated reporting as a part of a broader agenda to overcome the challenges of short-termism.

About the author

Mike Krzus is an integrated reporting consultant. He is coauthor of The Integrated Reporting Movement: Meaning, Momentum, Motives, and Materiality (with Robert G. Eccles and Sydney Ribot) and One Report: Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Strategy (with Robert G. Eccles). Senior Advisor, BrownFlynn Ltd.