PAPER - Focusing Capital on the Long Term by Barton and Wiseman

Today a strong desire exists in many business circles to move beyond quarterly capitalism. But short-term mind-sets still prevail throughout the investment value chain and dominate decisions in boardrooms. We are convinced that the best place to start moving this debate from ideas to action is with the people who provide the essential fuel for capitalism—the world’s major asset owners. Until these organizations radically change their approach, the other key players—asset managers, corporate boards, and company executives—will likely remain trapped in value-destroying short-termism. But by accepting the opportunity and responsibility to be leaders who act in the best interests of individual savers, large asset owners can be a powerful force for instituting the kind of balanced, long-term capitalism that ultimately benefits everyone.
Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman

The paper 'Focusing Capital on the Long Term' (2014) co-authored by Dominic Barton and Mark Wiseman, sparked the global FCLT initiative which is currently and speedily gaining momentum in the world of investment.