PAPER: Creating a culture of sustainable investment performance

Roger Urwin, Global Head of Investment Content at Towers Watson
Culture is the collective influence from shared values and beliefs on the way an organisation thinks and behaves. In a strong culture, it aligns the values and beliefs of the individuals within the organisation and establishes a common set of expectations and trust.Culture has uniqueness to it. Investment processes and strategies can look alike but culture is always distinctive. But this carries a big challenge to develop a culture that is effective in drawing focused and cohesive effort from talented individuals.
Roger Urwin, Global Head of Investment Content at Towers Watson

Roger Urwin, member of The 300 Club, shares his expertise on shifting company culture to create a shift to long termism. The 300 Club is a group of leading investment professionals from across the globe who have joined together to respond to an urgent need to raise uncomfortable and fundamental questions about the very foundations of the investment industry and investing. The mission of the 300 Club is to raise awareness about the potential impact of current market thinking and behaviours, and to call for immediate action.