New initiative long-term investing: international newsroom www.shiftto.org

AMSTERDAM, 30 May 2016 - To bring insights, experience and research in the field of long-term investment together: that is why a number of prominent Dutch pension experts, investors, academics and union representatives, together with Kempen Capital Management, have joined in the social newsroom SHIFT TO.

Earlier this year Minister Dijsselbloem, Dutch Minister of Finance and president of the Eurogroup, said that the Netherlands can be a leader in the area of long-term thinking. With SHIFT TO the long-term discussion is translated into practice: How can asset managers and pension funds - but also companies, consultants, regulators and unions - implement their desire to move forward with long-term investment?

The pressure to perform and to deliver profit, especially in the short term, has increased continuously in listed companies. Often financial goals have to be realised within two years, while investments are postponed due to pressure from shareholders. The result is that management may place little focus on the long term. A shame, since companies can create good long-term value for both shareholders and society. To shift the focus to the long term, change is needed from three sides: asset owners (pension funds, insurance companies, etc.); asset managers; and corporations (the assets) themselves. In addition regulators, academics and politicians play a major role in a committed, more sustainable vision of investing.

www.shiftto.org is the space to find a wide range of views from the (international) financial sector and beyond. In order to serve an equally broad international readership, Kempen has chosen to create an English-language ‘non-branded content hub’. To assess the relevance and urgency of the content on SHIFT TO the newsroom has an Editorial Board*, comprising such international leaders as Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company and Keith Ambachtsheer, Director Emeritus of the International Centre for Pension Management at the Rotman School of Management, in addition to prominent Dutch pension experts, academics and pension fund advisory board members.

“I believe business must lead - nothing less than a shift from what I call quarterly capitalism to what might be referred to as long-term capitalism. This shift is not just about persistently thinking and acting with a next-generation view - although that’s a key part of it. It’s about rewiring the fundamental ways we govern, manage, and lead corporations. It’s also about changing how we view business’s value and its role in society.”

Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company

“The shift to long-term investment is not just possible, not just essential - but profitable. However, making the shift requires both novel thinking and daring action.”

Keith Ambachtsheer, Director Emeritus of the International Centre for Pension Management at the Rotman School of Management

“As a long term engaged shareholder Kempen would like to contribute by giving that last little push needed to bring about a shift in the financial sector.”

Lars Dijkstra, CIO Kempen Capital Management

*Members of the editorial board www.shiftto.org



  • Rients Abma (Eumedion)
  • Keith Ambachtsheer (Rotman School of Management)
  • Dominic Barton (McKinsey & Company)
  • Jaap van Dam (PGGM)
  • Lars Dijkstra (Kempen Capital Management)
  • Anna Grebenchtchikova (CNV Jongeren)
  • Constant Korthout (Van Lanschot/Kempen & Co)


  • Fieke van der Lecq (VU)
  • Marieke de Leede (Kempen Capital Management)
  • Danielle Melis (Nyenrode Business University)
  • Roel Menken (KPMG),
  • Gerard Roest (FNV)
  • Frans van de Veen (CNV Vakmensen)



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Frank Verschoor | Manager Sponsoring and Public Relations

T +31 (0)20 348 8937 | M +31 (0) 6 53 60 72 42

E frank.verschoor@kempen.nl

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