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Long-term investing in the news

What are people saying about long-term investing? This is what caught our editor's eye this month.

The Economist comments on the launch of FCLT Global: "The risk for FCLT is that it ends up entrenching the power of incumbent executives. Better to focus on a different goal, which is prodding passive asset managers to communicate more with companies."

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An interesting paper: Protecting the Interests of Long-Term Shareholders In Activist Engagements is recommended by our editorial board member Danielle Melis:

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Anjali Pradhan posted on the Enterprising Investor blog of the CFA Institute where she interviews Robert Walker, vice president for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) services and ethical funds at NEI Investments: "As a public company, are you trying to satisfy the flash trader or the pension fund that’s going to hold your stock for 60 years?"

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