WEBINAR PRESENTATION - Long-term Investing and Asset Owners



On April 12 ICPM - the international centre for pension management - hosted a webinar with our editorial board member Jaap van Dam. In case you missed it, here you can listen to what was said and download the slides. 

Companies and economies are not performing to their potential. This has consequences for the amount and stability of the returns of pension funds. There is a growing movement which aims to change this.

"In the coming years FCLT Global and Dutch and other parties will work out the body of thought behind long-term investment further – probably on a limited scale first – and give it concrete substance. It is also important that a theory emerges which shows that long-term investment is a properly substantiated step for long-term asset owners such as pension funds. It would not surprise me if this were to lead to a Nobel prize one day! The most important ingredient for getting from thinking to doing is the will and the conviction that gains can be realised, both for the funds and for society."

- Pre-reading for the webinar